About us

Woody Homes is a proud member of Roula Rouva Group of companies.

Our aim is to provide an alternative to the typical building materials. We provide fully equiped, ready to move in and 100% eco friendly homes.

Why choose Woody Homes?

  • Ecological construction with natural wood without the use of harmful substances to human health.
  • Excellent fire endurance, especially when compared to conventional structures.
  • Short waiting period until delivery. Approximately 60-70 days (depending pn the complexity of the buyer`s order).
  • Transferability of the Woody Home to another site, if and whenever required, is possible.
  • A sense of warmth and comfort.
  • Very little maintenance is required, as during the construction, the initial treatment with ecological varnish and primer, both internally and externally, cover an entire lifetime and no other maintenance is required, under normal conditions. However, if so wished, the exterior can be vanished once in every two years, so that your Woody Home will look like new forever. On the other hand, the interior maintenance costs are minimal, due to the natural properties of the wood. (no humidity) thus saving the cost of painting and the necessary materials.
  • Perfect acoustics, as it is well-known fact that wood develops special acoustic properties as it ages.
  • Optionally it can become an energy friendly construction, as the use of primary energy is reduced by using solar panels, photovoltaic power, wind power, etc, especially when the plot of land cannot obtain a building license.

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